When a reasonably liberated couple invites their two grown daughters and their significant others to spend the night, they don't reckon on the sleeping arrangements being quite so uncomfortably close.

Normally, Stephen Baskings would be elated by a visit from his daughters. Unfortunately, this weekend, they have brought along their significant others. To make matters worse, there are suspicious sounds emanating from their bedrooms. Cheryl, Stephen's open-minded and considerate wife, attempts to take Stephen's mind off the matter. But when the amorous sounds prove too much for him, Stephen launches out of bed on a mission to stop the madness once and for all. Cheryl, though, is not about to let Stephen embarrass the entire family, and so she embarks on a mission of her own, taking any means necessary to keep her crazed husband in check.

Running Time: 9:51 minutes
Screening Format: HDCam, Dolby E (additional formats available)
Production Format: HDCam (16:9)
Sound Format: Stereo