Randall Ehrmann - (Writer, Director, Producer) is an award-winning writer, director and producer. In 2006, he founded Alligator Pond Productions for the purpose of developing and producing inspiring stories for film, theater and television. Randall’s thorough knowledge of production comes through years of experience as a first assistant director, production manager and line producer. Current projects include award-winning writer/director Ryan Gould’s dramatic tale Penance, Jerry Schram’s feature film Insidious, and an untitled feature project by Eric Weber slated for production this Spring. Randall’s comedic short film, I’m No Stud, is screening at some of the top film festivals in the country, including Palm Springs International Festival of Short Films, and Rhode Island International Film Festival. The film was a finalist at both festivals and received encore screenings as part of their best of fest screening series. I’m No Stud was awarded a grant from the National Board of Review of Motion Pictures and the screenplay is published in The Short Screenplay: Your Short Film from Concept to Production by Daniel Gurskis. Randall is currently developing a comedic feature with hopes for a summer production.

Director's Statement
The premise for I'm No Stud came to me in a flash of panic as I contemplated the approaching birth of my daughter and her inevitable journey, or perhaps, demise into womanhood. Memories of my own childhood and teen years (wild parties, underage drinking, and STD scares) flooded my thoughts and my panic was quickly confirmed. I stumbled out into the living room where my wife was relaxing with a good book and informed her that upon the first sign of puberty, our daughter would be off to a nunnery. Of course, my wife talked me down off the ledge, and I soon realized that I too would do what every sane parent does, commit to keeping his child safe, happy and healthy, while encouraging her to be her own person and live her own life. Ifm No Stud is my preparation for the inevitable.